Riven, whats up

Greetings y'all. Given the title I guess is not hard to figure what do I want to talk about in this post. The nature of this post is not other than actually me trying to actually improve at this certain champion. I'm aware that Riven is not the strongest ATM, she is been nerfed couple times and although the winrate at the date of this post is a little over 50% I still feel like she is too weak compared to the rest of the champions currently in the meta. Therefore, I would like to throw a question to you guys, in general, trying to understand your points of view: - Does Riven need a buff/rework? I have been playing this champion for a long time this past season. Not gonna lie, im one of those gold players who saw Boxbox stream once and basically _hallucinated_ with the posibilities this champion offers. Then, I started to play and although it's taken some time, I managed to control the champion mechanics: animation cancellations, faster q-aa-q combo, combos (ex: e-tiamat-aa-w-q-aa) and walljumps. What i feel like, and its the whole point of the post, is a lot of inconsistency in my games. I dont feel like Riven is a really strong choice right now, with new interactions like Cassiopeia's W and the whole repertory of crowd control in the game, yet she is really really weak against many champions, when falling even a little behind its really hard to comeback, but even imposible. How do you guys feel about the champion? Any tips for improvement? Thx for comment!
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