[Request] New support champion.

For a long time we experienced a lot of meta changes in league. What in my opinion happened to support role, is a change from directly supporting your team with sustain and buffs, to poke/cc machine. I understand, it can be more fun for many supports, since they are no longer "slaves" following adc just to spam shields or heals on them. Even supports like Soraka right now have to provide enough poke early to matter at all in game. Rule that was pushed to the limit by creation of Pyke, 'support assassin'. Now lets add the fact of adc changes. Devs announced that they are happy with diversity of picks on bottom lane. I remember times when single support was able to provide same experience. When Soraka was able to restore mana, it was awesome combination on bottom lane with heavy mana dependent mages or ad casters. That and few more reasons made me create this post to ask, if it is possible to create support champion, who would be totally opposite from Pyke. What I mean? Low damage, low CC support. So what can it have? Heavy sustain, some vision mechanic, a lot of buffs or even lots of debuffs. There is many possibilities, healing and shielding is very obvious, but bringing back mana regen spell (with reasonable amounts ofc) can open many new strategy options to bottom lane. Maybe some buffing spells? Increased armor/mress, increased damage, maybe single guaranteed crit or some kind of ability cooldown reset for teammate. Very unique would be heavy debuffing champion. Some kind of damage reductions, AoE spell creating zone in which enemy has 0% crit, debuff negating all healing/shielding on enemy. I personally miss supporting directly my adc instead of preparing enemy for him to finish, or being forced to just hit single cc spell or combo which will allow him to do the same. Sadly I feel like effect of listening to vocal part of support community made Riot forget about those passive, sustain supports and reduced a bit diversity of bottom picks. Of course I understand there is many people who wont agree with me, so please try to understand I am not trying to remove or change your playstyle. I am asking for support champion allowing me, and those who agree with me, play the way I like, on the same usability as your picks. I would love to hear from community, how you guys see such idea. Also it would be awesome to hear from Riot, how this playstyle is seen by Devs in actual state of game. In the end I want to wish good day to all you folks! {{sticker:vlad-salute}}
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