I started playing ranked again and I am sad

Even though I will win some games (4 wins 6 losses),my mmr is either dead or I am in a really bad luck.In almost every game,there is at least one person who can’t play safe and goes all in without looking at map and feeds.I was silver 3 about 2-3 months ago after trying so hard.Today I got demoted in bronze 2.In bronze 2.I was b1 50 lp yesterday and after losing 4 games and winning one (continuously),I got eventually demoted.This sucks.It is impossible to climb with such mmr.People who say “you diserve that so you have it” are mostly wrong.I tried to improve those 3 months in normals and only played ranked when my friends annoyed me enough to play.And I have improved.But even if someone has improved,their mmr matches them with players who are bad.Last game,was lost.Our top was pretty good and fed,our jungle tried,our mid couldn’t resist going 1v5 and my adc would not look at map ever and would not go back if I spammed pings at him,but he wasn’t that bad in terms of gameplay,he didn’t feed and helped as much as he could in teamfights.However,everyone ignored me in chat,our top kept chasing kills instead of helping me push and everyone was at a different place,when our enemies were together and pushed us.We lost baron because nobody listened to my pings,our enemies were all full hp at mid and it was a matter of time.They killed us ALL.I am tired of this I am so depressed,I try so hard (I try to play mostly supp now because it is my best role I think and I want others to play on the main roles instead of Getting (mostly) autofilled.But I cannot do much if the enemies are too fed and if my team chases kills and S instead of trying to take more objectives.I get a good team in 3-4 out of ten games.I cried myself here and now I feel more relaxed . I just wanna repeat that having shit mmr does not mean a player deserves to be matched with poor players when they try to help their team as much as possible and I am sure a lot of others have the same problem. P.S : I am not talking about people who chase the easy kill and not the one who should be focused or at least a turret and Back off in teamfights so they don’t ruin their kda and then cry because their team is bad.The one who destroys the enemy nexus first wins,not the one with the most kills.
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