Nerf Vel koz passive.

so i was recently playing one for all and had vel koz as enemy, i am not complaining about his whole kit since this is perfectly fine in my opinion. we had lux and i know that lux isnt exactly a tank but i had like 3,5k hp and 300 MR while 1 of the vel koz had like 350-400 AP so when i was about to fight him, he just ulted me and killed me in EXACT 2,67 seconds. (with 2,7k of this dmg was true dmg because of his passive) and i am really not the person who always says to nerf this and that, but 1shooting a tank at full hp with only 1 ability, seems not right to me. what do you think about this? Edit: since not everyone here understood what i really meant, ofc i dont want riot to remove velkoz passive, only to nerf it a little bit, so you can even buff his other spells (except ult because with up to 2 procs of the passive its strong enough imo)
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