the three sieves ( this might help you and your friends in further matches One morning, when Socrates, the Greek philosopher walked through Athens, a man came to him and said, "Socrates, I have to tell you something about your friend Diogenes ..." Socrates interrupted the man and asked: "Did the message all through the three sieves?" The man looked surprised: "Three sieves ..?" Socrates replied, "Yes, three sieves, the first sieve is of the truth Are you sure you want to tell me about my friend is true.?" The man blushed a bit. "I have heard it from someone else so im not sure" Socrates continued, "well then you use the second sieve Is what you want to tell me my friend however well intentioned..?" The man hesitated. "Well Meant? Not really" Socrates frowned. "Then you surely haven't used the third sieve. Is it useful that you tell this to me?" That had to deny the man. "Well," Socrates said, if you want to tell me something that is not true, not well intentioned and not useful, then forget it and not charge me with. good morning Now, lets use this in a league of lgends match, last match i had a guy who queued up for ranked and got placed into the support slot, i asked him, why do you want to play karthus support, he responded, i have little time to play i must go to work, now what he had to do is, Do i have time, he didnt, Am i confident enough that im going to win this match, he might have been but it didnt pass the first sieve, and third, Do i at least know how to play support or any role you queue up to and do i know the basics of that role (like warding, roaming, saying SS or pinging, ganking as a jungler) by his playstyle he didnt know much about support he missed 5 times his Q early game and used his ultimate on the wrong time ( he changed to morgana after all )
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