Which champion should I replace the old Shen with?

Well. i loved the old Shen. I find new shen pretty cool, however he does feel much different in lane. So, now that my main champion is changed and employs totally different laning style, i am looking for a replacement. Picking the old Shen was pretty much like saying to your oponent either: "Screw you. You can bully me and push me all you want. I do not have to interact with you mr. Lane Bully. I will shield half of your damage. I will farm with my vorpal blades and sustain myself while doing so. And when i get my first health item, most probably bami cinder, i will trade with you. And outrade you." or "Prepare for the endless stream of mana-free vorpal blades sent in your direction mr. Squishy (most likely miss Riven). i hope you like recalling to base, because this is what you will have to do quite a bit." The new Shen lacks this cool playstyle. So... i need a replacement. A champion that can survive lane bullies while keeping up cs and being able to scale up into mid and lategame usefulness. Any ideas who should I learn now? My intuitive candidates are {{champion:102}} and{{champion:48}}
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