How to win with bad team mates?

SImple questions I am a jungler, just did my 10 provisional games and got into bronze. Throughout the 10 provisional games and about another 5 after them I have lost half my games, not because of me but because of bad team mates. Throughout the 15 games I have got like 5 or 6 S ranks and almost never got under an A rank so yeah I did good, I also helped team, did objectives etc but I can't win cause of my team. I have played Normal games with Gold and silver rank players before and won without getting carried, but bronze is too difficult. In some cases I have had insane score like 10/4/12 and still lose cause of my team. Just to give you an idea I play with the type of players that blame you (the jungler) for not helping them when they die 10 seconds after telling you to "go away" in chat. Also a few games ago I was last hitting minions under tower that were gonna die anyway and my top laner got pi$$ed for stealing his farm, when they were all guaranteed to die. How do I win with these kind of players?
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