RIot about event missions

You just f2353 sayd that you will not create anymore missions who are mostly impossible , i just got a mission who require a team of 5 to play yasuo , how the hell i can find players who have this mission in my friend list , how the hell i can find them in que , i search board for players with this mission , is that your intention to make people search players on board for this event mission:??? , stop doing so trash missions , just put your brain when doing the missions cause this is obvious really hard mission to achieve if you no find people to play with ! No one on the entire board have this mission anymore ,and no one answer to my topic , awesome mission , garbage mission 100% , if you tell to 5 people to play a single hero in a game mode and win it is just impossible from odds chances... , tell me how i can tell them to don't instant lock on something else when i que , or why someone else would help me finish my quest if they just don't have it.

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