What are your strategies beating Doom Bots of Doom?

I want to beat Doom Bots of Doom The Gauntlet, since the Teemoing is way too easy. I always vote for Level 100, because this is what i want to beat. Now with skill alone you wont win, so I thought about certain strategies. Currently I am running {{summoner:12}} {{summoner:11}}, because Flash is pretty useless in my opinion. Teleport alows you to have pressure early on and stop the enemy from destroying your Towers early. Smite is a must have, because you can smite the Minions who walk into your lane. ##**EDIT: You can also smite Teemo at the End!** As for Items I always rush {{item:3512}}, because you can defend better with it. I feel rushing Damage is completely useless, because those items are expensive and defensive stats like Zz'Rot are better. As for Champions, I am still not quite sure. I feel like Control Mages are the best, because you have range and good damage. It doesn't matter that you are squishy, because as a tank you die as fast as if you were squishy. Sadly I suck with ADCs, so I don't know if they are also good in this mode. --- These are the strategies that I am currently using. And because I know that these are not the best, I am asking you what your strategies are. Tell me yours and/or give me advice what I could do better! #WE NEED TO KILL THOSE DAMN BOTS!!! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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