Just finished a game and I am supper tilted.Why ? cuze of veigar. I was playing a ranked game and the game was araound 40 min long I was split pushing top most of the game so did not rly know the true power of the enemy team or my.While I was pushing a tower veigar came droped him e I doged his q amd flashed his w so he did 0 dmg to me I was 100 % hp and then he just pressd R doing 1811 dmg to me even do my max hp at the time was 1700 and I just got so mad .later he hit me with his e and then just with 1 q 90% of my hp was hone .Later he hit me with e and w I was dead.... And I got so tilted realizing there is nothing I can do instead of just going full tank.And I know that the comments are gona be like : ohh just play an assassin and its eazy WHAT ASSASIN WHEN HE JSUT ULTS ME.I got zohnyas but I wont help I doge his ult and then just get hit my the q w combo.(BTW I am not just tilted I am mad and so frustreded , this game ruind my chances of getting to gold this seson)Okey so I'm gonna finish here I'm sure you don't want to hear more of me crying abaut veigar... Bye until next time I get tilted.
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