Vayne PBE changes

Tumble (Q) bonus damage lowered to 30/35/40/45/50% AD from 30/40/50/60/70% AD. Come on guys, is this really necessary? For god's sake you're nerfing Vayne's late game, what the hell? This is the first time in a LONG time that she feels playable and strong if you get ahead, exactly as she's supposed to be. Vayne is NOT a noob friendly champion, and it takes some experience with her to be able to do well enough that you get fed AND manage output the damage that Vayne is doing now. But she's a hypercarry, the strongest late game marksman IN THE GAME. She's supposed to do exactly that, and you're nerfing her now? What the actual hell... Her laning phase is perfect as is, her mid game gets stronger, and her late game is godly, and that's exactly how it should stay. She's perfectly balanced as is and there's no need to nerf her other than to make a high skill floor/ceiling champion completely unrewarding and unplayable. High risk/low reward. In any case, if she doesn't get fed and ahead in the early/mid game she will NEVER be able to 1-2 shot the squishies unless the game drags on into 55+ minutes, and by then she'll just be limping along while everyone else has their full builds. Let me put it this way. For Vayne to get to the stage of power that you're nerfing her for she needs to be ahead of the majority of the enemy team sans overfarmed, overleveled enemy top laner. She needs a metric ton of kills, and even more farm, and most importantly she needs to complete both Shiv and IE which is 3600+2600=6200 gold. 6200/300= ~20 FOR VAYNE TO GET SO POWERFUL SHE NEEDS TO GET MORE THAN 20 KILLS. Kills that are always worth their original value of 300 gold, which you'll agree is impossible both if you're ahead and especially behind. She needs farm. Lets say the average minion is 20g. At 6-7 minions per wave lets give it a median value of 130 gold per wave. 48 waves of creeps. That's roughly ~300 creeps. Not to mention you have to spend gold on boots, pots and eventually a ward here or there. So in reality it's even more. AND THOSE ARE JUST HER FIRST 2 ITEMS. YOU NEED ALL THESE FARM AND KILLS TO GET YOUR FIRST 2 ITEMS. Not to mention that if you don't get them fast enough you'll pretty much be useless until your full build. Oh yeah, you're also useless before you get them so don't even think about trying to 4v4/5v5 early on. The cost of getting her to that power level is so ABSURDLY high that if she even manages to get to it means the Vayne player is doing something very right, and if so then he completely deserves to dominate the rest of the game having dominated the part of the game where Vayne is supposed to be at her weakest. Don't nerf a champion because people who play vs that champion suck at this game. It's just unfair. {{champion:67}} For once Rito pls b smart.

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