Zed is kinda weak after masteries nerf,vs adcs as well.

{{champion:238}} Why zed is weak now? srsly i used my r on a draven that got fed from bot i had 204 dmg and i did everything to him and i didint missed a single skillshot or basic,and the dmg on r was 404... why? and i dont its zed problem its draven being broken and most of the adcs i went to practice tool to test the maximum damage{{champion:119}} of draven with q and guess how much it was on red buff 4,999... dmg just why the adcs are so broken and make that kind of damage and dont correct me i have runes very good for zed with armor pen mr hp on level 18 and damage what else i do wrong i roamed on lanes to help them and i had the most farm but least damage and our jungler let mid open all the game,i also pushed alot focused the correct people why this game is pushing you to lose.. and i dont think thats it i think there is still something to do to win this is why i ask help from you guys :) but what should i do? :( go for normal ad runes? maybe thats it? :/ this happened on silver 1 game vs diamonds on flex, i dont know what else im doing wrong,help appreciated and sorry for being little weird on the beggining thank you everyone!{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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