Yasuo and Graves should be buffed

The other day I was fighting Yasuo, he did use his WW to block my attacks, but he failed it and the WW went behind me, so we were not divided by the WW, still, it did blocks my projectiles, I did think it was very funny and balanced, expecially when my ult has been blocked by a single easy to use spell, so, why don't you buff him a bit more? I think his WW should follow him and be 360°, this way it would be more funny, and it should also block melee skills and lasers. Also, about Graves, we were in a 50+ minutes match, he did kill the ADC with just Q+R, everyone was full build, I think he should be buffed so that he can oneshot the ADC just with Q and keep his R to save himself after his E

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