When will TFT be renamed TFL

TFT is supposed to be about tactics, but in reality it is all about Total %%%%ing luck (or TFL). If the random would be at least prioritized based on your selection of champs, it would really mean something about tactics, but, no the game is going to give you what he wants and whatever you plan based on what has been proposed is good for garbage. In addition you can see yourself with 3 items including 2 coming from champions pick and facing players with the equivalent of 8 items. That is complete fairness I believe. I am surprise that for a company like riot, with thousands of employees, and a test mode, they are not able to preview that kind of issue. Oh, sorry, when you are not even able to make a proper champs and always have to modify it 3 days after launch, it seems only normal that riot is the perfect exemple of any IT department: we just do it, and then customer will debug for us. I believe that there is other industries where consequences are more important and where customer are taken more seriously.
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