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Ok, so i can play Zed. More wins than losses. So i fight Veigar, Garen, Blitz, Yasuo and Kindred. I get massacred. I was camped, and forced into Veigar E's so many times i fed so hard. I'm here to complain about balance of some champs, because i feel there is no counterplay. So, without further ado: Veigar. He can kill you in the space of a second and there is nothing you can do about it. His E is a better Thresh R. He basically has 3 ults. This is fair how? Garen: The sustain is unreal The ult has no counterplay He has really good gap closer, damage and tankiness. Blitz: Free kills if you can aim a skillshot. Tryndamere: I can't die for 5 seconds from anything Ekko: Another champ with a 'I can't die' button. Also insane damage These are the five people i have utter contempt for. I know you are wondering 'Where's Illaoi or Yi' Both of them have counterplay. These guys don't, and it makes me really angry how my platinum friend gets rekt by a silver tryndamere because he can't kill him for longer than it takes for him to run all the way to his turret. Just want to say, i didn't yell 'Noob champ' or 'Report' at anyone, and i can't blame them for playing such OP people, but come on Riot, I still believe you listen to us, so, please nerf these champs.

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