Remove Riven, if you are not able to fix her damage and her skills...

Riot srsly, I don't know why People complain about Master yi, Katarina, akali, zed or darius or whatever... but for gods sake remove this fXXXing face {{champion:92}} !!! Lee Sin is also a champ which i don't like to Play against, but he is much MUCH more balanced than this stupid Riven Champion. Let's be honest... EVERY Player who mains riven or Plays her often, is just a noob in real. He probably loses all games against "normal" Players, and that is why they Play riven! Because this XXXX XXXXX XXXX XXX Champion has too much damage, and mobility! Q = 3 jumps, which allow a noob to 1. DODGE abilities, 2. run away from enemies EASILY!! and 3. chase enemies easily W = makes damage, stuns! (what really piXXes me off) and has a low cooldown too E = grants a shield, which is larger than shXt when her ult is active and adds a 4th jump (oh yeah, i forgot you also can jump over short wallls with that cursed noob Q) R = now the most fXXXed up ability which this noob-saving Champion contains... it throws 3 blade looking POINTSLESS.. blades? (from where, she only got her stupid sword, or does she throw those shards? cause she sword should become smaller again), also this skill grants 15 - 50 dmg depending on the game time and lasts a Long time... Passive = grants you more damage to ruin the game of normal Players and save the aXX of a noob riven all this in a combination, and there are so much win-concentrating losers who main this skillless unfair unbalanced jumpy shXt Champion I played against a good Kata, Yi, Zed, Garen, Darius, Vayne ... and other "noob"champions, but they are DEFINITLY not as "noob" as a NOOB RIVEN! Riot I swear to god, I'll cut off my R-button finger if you just take this {{champion:92}} , and throw it out of the window, go down pick it up and slam it into the ground, slam it so hard that it lands in hell or you just REWORK this Champion in a way, where People can finally Play against a balanced Champion...

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