So Basically the start of April 1st...

So basically... The start of the April fools day Event is kinda the worst in the past seasons... I'm not here to cry about ''BRING BACK URF'' I'm here to cry about the start of this. 1.) Those Draven Minions are a pain to look at... 2 mins into the game and you just want to quit already 2.) Those Draven masks e-e I don't have to say much about these 3.) The overall Draven-themed thing is just... Not funny? I'm sure, that I'm not the only one not getting this ''joke'', because it's just plain retarded 4.) With the push of this ''Dravenday'' Riot made me hate the biggest (I'm sorry) %%%%-champ even more. With that said, Eefje posted something about a surprise coming today at 8 PM CEST Here's what she wrote : > Sad to see people are very angry today, but we put a lot of effort in this surprise coming at 8 PM CEST/11 AM PDT so hope yall enjoy :o Source : So for people who were crying for Urf coming, this might be the yes for URF coming into the rotating game modes today, since Riot said they want to start at friday evening and end in Monday morning. WELL, I'M WAITING FOR THE DOWNVOTES, Cheers.

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