Kled's Passive Mechanic is broken

Ok here are some of my major complaints with how Kled's passive mechanic of him dismounting and re-mounting Skarl are broken and need a little bit of fine tuning: - When he takes enough damage and dismounts Skarl the time he cannot be targeted is too long. - The times it takes for him to re-mount Skarl is also too short and only gives you milliseconds of time before he is regains 800, 1500 or 2000 hp back. How is him regaining the passive, becoming untargetable while mounting in a single second and gaining a big chunk of his HP back fair or balanced? How are you supposed to punish him for simply outplaying him and engaging for the kill when he can just auto you twice + Q from 0 stacks and mount up again? Also I want to ask for some tips as to how to deal with this thing, as I feel punished for winning the trades but ending up losing in the end/ getting killed due to him instantly regaining his passive.
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