New Teleport VFX (Can a Riot Employee Confirm?)

[6.13 Planned] Adjustments to.. more Stuff! [Part 2 - Teleport / Support Items]
UPDATED Note Looks like some of the numbers got messed up in a merge. Eugh. I'll be working on trying to figure this out today. :/ Teleport Re-balancing **Context: ** Teleport's power is fairly strong at the moment and it's only gaining in popularity. These adjustments are designed t
Hello, I read about some upcoming changes to TP at the link provided and was wondering what the VFX changes. Is the VFX a nerf or a buff? It says that if you have vision around the area, even if you don't have direct vision i.e. teleport to a brush, you will see the VFX of the teleport. My concern is, at least, for me, I feel like I've always been able to see an enemy TP, even if he was over 1,000 yards away, as long as I was hovering over that part of the map I would see the TP animation in fog of war. So have they lessened the distance or was that a bug and it was never intended to be visible in fog of war? Thanks
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