Kits you Thematically disagree with

I thought I'd make this post purely out of interest because of my opinion (YES ITS ANOTHER ONE OF THOSE THREADS) on the newest two champions we've had released and their kits. I wanted to see if anyone else had similar feelings about other champion kits. So here's my opinion: I think Neeko should have Sylas' ultimate ability, and Sylas' should have Neeko's. To me it makes much more sense that the chameleon steals or "mimics" someone elses ultimate, and the guy with the chains has an AOE lock down and stun ultimate. Who else wants to have a rant? {{sticker:sg-ezreal}} EDIT: I want to clarify - I'm not asking what you think needs changes balance wise (e.g. stealth, trickster etc - these abilities _thematically _ fit those champions - a ninja and a trickster creature). This is asking for what you think doesn't fit THEMATICALLY - e.g. Imagine if Sona's ultimate was a Roar of some type, it wouldn't make sense for a mute and wouldnt fit thematically.
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