Jungle advice?

Okay so i'm a top main and find a lot of success there, i know how to play laning phase, mid + late and general macro as a toplane player to a decent standard but in the jungle i literally dont have a clue what to do after first clear and as my second role i think it's pretty important to understand some more. I generally do the 3 camp gank, if i dont find an opportunity to gank i'll invade or clear the rest of my camps and after this is where my problem arises. What should my pathing be? Like i'll literally just start autopilot afk farming without a clue what to do and just go to whatever camps up, but then i'll see i'm on the other side of the map to where the action is happening. I'll just think 'oh thats a tristana botlane, theres no point going there because she'll just jump away as soon as i appear in lane' or 'my midlane/toplane have no cc so they'll escape before i even get an aa off.' I generally try to look at lanes to see which are pushing etc but find barely any success, what can i do to improve?
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