Stop complaining about AP nerfs xD

Not here to slate the Ap mains but here me out, I see alot of people complaining about the nerf to mages as a whole, I just wanna say that yes your items got bumped up in price, but ambient gold and gold earned has been increased so i really dont see why your complaining. It might seem to expensive but in reality its not that bad. No mana pots? I will admit i use mana pots alot when i play jungle so i was suprised. However i do not think its overly bad. I mean mana regen is increased and with masteries its not exactly noticable. Just dont spam your abilities in the first 5 mins off the game and you will be ok xD Mr items got buffed, now as you main midlane you probably dont play alot of tanks ^^ Mr items were stupidly underpowered. The fact that the majority of mages have high burst damage and good scalings it didnt matter if you built mr (veigar cough) becuase it simply wasnt effective, now they got buffed by what 10 mr or something, its not that bad compared to stacking armor against all these crits xD. Generally give it a while before you troop to the forms and complain about your role being supposedly nerfed :) junglershave been nerfed and buffed several times, i play tanks they got buffed and nerfed, its your turn, Its pre season for a reason people. Balance will come
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