Kha zix

hello there, i want to hear your thoughts about kha zix. as an kha zix main(platinum atm) i think he became so weak especially in the pre6 season due to changes to the masteries and items. imo hes the weakest ad assasin out there and is only depended on his isolation. he cant do much in team fights besides pokes and hoping someone would get low enough to get to him and get resets if not then its a dead bug </3{{item:3070}} . after the last whisper changes it feels like he does no damage at all, he has no real source of cc besides the slow on his passive and w. which makes him pretty much useless when he has no real damage on a non isolated target or in a 5v5 team fight. true kha zix can be good for making picks. but when you see an graves adc who can 2 shot an kha zix later in the game or an quin that can just e away. compared to the other assasins for example, akali rengar talon zed katarina riven diana ahri etc. kha zix cant get real picks without isolation what i would suggest is getting back the missing health on his q so hes not so depended on isolation and can stil do a bit damage in the teamfight as an "bruiser", Or change his q so that even when there are minions around that the champion still wil be isolated. get the slow higher on his w? changing the ult into an 1 time use with a longer duration on the stealth? this was my suggestion, let me read your comments about it! {{item:3073}} {{champion:121}} {{item:3073}} Change is good.
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