Leo eclipse bundle price is a rip off.

I voiced my opinion on the fact there are no separate bundles for Lunar and Solar Leo, and how it's trying to armtwist fans of a single variant into buying both despite their better judgement so Riot can cash in $$ on some poor souls deperate for border and icons. But that aside just looking at pricing of Eclipse Leona Mega Bundle one can see sommething's wrong. I have leona, so that cost is deducted, leaving me with: "Two skins" (well not really, it's one skin, two variants), "two icons" (except they're variants too, a lot of artwork is same, just small changes and different colors), two borders (these are not listed as items sold, so I assume they are free). I'm expected to shell out 3512 RP all that. Now let's do the math: Cost of 2 variants of eclipse Leo skins: 1820 RP (first one), 1001 (second one - variant skin discount) = 2821 RP What we're left with is our two variant icons: 3512 - 2821 = 691 RP. 691/2 = 345.5 RP per icon. RP Store **standard** price for summoner icons - 250RP. Not to mention we're talking wide selection of unique icons, not "twin icons" that have huge parts of them identical. So in summary - the bundle costs **more then it's individual pieces separetaly**, had those pieces been available outside of it and at standard pricing. And there is no reason they should not, as both their quality and large parts of them being same, do not justify higher price, quite the opposite. I always thought bundles were about making small savings (or bigger ones) when you decide to make a huge purchase. Apparently that has changed....
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