Are (AD) assassins to easy?

I feel like they just get everything they need thrown at them. They only need damage and cdr to do their job, bust while getting these stats they gain so much more without having to leave anything out. {{item:3147}} {{item:3142}} are their core items and give them: - Mobilty - vision control - cc - Bonus damage on top of just increasing their damage and giving them cdr. Then with {{item:3071}} they gain more mobility once engaged, the rest of the cdr they need and gain like 20% more health, because they are not allowed to be one-shot in return. {{item:3814}} or {{item:3139}} are option to take care off cc {{item:3156}} makes sure no mage can oneshot them ang gives them sustain (on all of their burst) should they drop low And of course, with their reduced cd by cdr {{item:3026}} will give them the possability to escape once they screwed up and actually killed. And after building {{item:3147}} {{item:3142}} {{item:3814}} {{item:3071}} {{item:3156}} they still have another slot for boots. And speaking of which: {{item:3117}} are not needed since they get enough mobilty {{item:3158}} are useless since everything they build gives them cdr {{item:3009}} see mobility boots {{item:3006}} are not necessary since they need to basic attack once for duskblade and will hit a second (of needed) anyway what leaves us with {{item:3047}} and {{item:3111}} So what is the big task of building items on assassins? They core consist of getting {{item:1036}} and {{item:1036}} . They get {{item:1033}} {{item:1028}} with more {{item:1036}} and boots... MAYBE a {{item:1037}} Where is the itemization? You cannot once leave the fountain to realise you might have chosen the wrong item later on. That is just not possible. This is not about wether they are strong (which I do not believe they are right now), but they are just linear. No matter what which you pick, you will by the same items. Maybe a different start item, but that's it. And you can also not really die without having enough gold to at least buy something since 700 is the final combine cost for the items you need to start one-shotting.
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