Underused masteries.

So, I was recently looking at all available masteries to see which can fit best to specific champions, and I was baffled at one thing. At the Resolve tree, we have 3 Tier 4 masteries, Insight, Perserverance and Fearless and the problem I have here is that, if going into the Resolve tree, I personally pick Insight 99% of the time, if not 100%. It is really strong for me, since I believe that summoner spells are really important in winning lane and having them more often is really crucial, especially on champions that use the Resolve tree. Champions like Maokai can have their TP up more often to make plays or get back in lane, they can engage more often and more reliably with their Flash etc. Supports can have their Exhaust up more often, which is also really crucial a lot of times. Pair that with Ionian boots, and you can pretty much reduce the CD of summoner spells by 25% and I personally find this very important. At the same time, as stated above, there are two more masteries. Perserverance increases the base HP regen by 50%, increased to 200% if below 25% HP and Fearless that grants Armor and MR for 2 seconds when engaging into a fight with an enemy with a 9sec CD. Now, I don't know how useful these can be, especially when comparing them against Insight. Perserverance seems kinda useless on pretty much any champion (maybe there is an exception for someone with high base HP regen, or someone who delibirately stays below 25% HP and gets the increased regen), and Fearless also seems underpowered (haven't tried yet to be honest). I'd like to know your opinions about these masteries and which one of the three you pick the most.
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