Everyone saying Yi OP with sated dev... Let's see why

Ok let's take a Yi full build lev 18 with berseker boots, last wisper, phantom dancer, sated devourer, hydra, Bork. The total Ad he has is 300 that becomes 330 with the passive of his E while with his ult activated he has 2.5 attack speed. Activating his E he deals 30+20% AD true damage each hit for 5 seconds (in this case 30+66=96) Counting his passive that makes him perform a double attack every 5 AA, in 5 seconds he does 15 AA (the first AA is double If he didn't attack anyone in the last four seconds). 15 AA means 7 devourer procs and this way the total true damage dealt by him is 96*22= 2112 TRUE DAMAGE IN 5 SECONDS. And I didn't even count the addictional damage deriving from the usage of the red smite.... Add to this the Bork passive and the normal AA damage... I really hope I misscalculated something because how does this even make sense????
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