I made it to Gold, playing only solo, queue as fill on Flex

Last season I started playing ranked, made it to Gold V on both queues, playing as solo player. So at beginning of this season I was wondering if I can climb to Gold on Flex but queuing only as fill. And finally, after 2 months, few days ago I did it! Yes, I know for some getting to Gold is easy, but I'm not as good and fact that I managed to do this means something for me. Getting to Gold promos was not hard, but winning them sure did. I think I was in Gold promos something like 3 times. I have to tell you guys it sure is easier playing your primary role, and I probably would climb faster if I did, but I did have fun this way too. Of course I mostly ended up as support, but I did play as mid, jg, adc and top few times too. I like playing different champions and roles. Oh, and I have to admit that unlike last year when it was very common, this time I think I haven't seen a single "it's just Flex" excuse. Of course I did see some unusuall picks but they all tried to win. Of course on SoloQ I will queue on my primary role, as I want to see if I can climb above Gold V. Wish me luck
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