What champions do you think need a rework?

In my opinion (From A to Z) {{champion:32}} - I feel like he is in a confusing position. He sometimes plays as a tank, but his character doesn't really relfect that tankiness properly. I'm also a little dissapointed in that Amumu doesn't really feel like the character that exists in the music video about Amumu. He probably wouldn't need a full rework, just changes to his abilities. {{champion:1}} - Something about her just feels clunky. Would probably make her ult have short delay before appearing, but she would be able to move during the cast time, so for example. She throws her teddy in the air, which then grows in size and smashes down. Then minor changes to her kit imo. {{champion:53}} A minor rework, maybe a new ult {{champion:31}} Major rework. He needs a more clear identity imo. {{champion:36}} Major rework. I feel like he doesn't really reflect his lore and some of his abilities just feel weird. Would be cool if you could throughout the game see his descent into a chemical monstrosity. {{champion:96}} Minor rework. He feels kinda in between everything, as if he doesn't really have a place in a team. {{champion:54}} Minor rework, maybe a new ability or perhaps just changes to the visual animations. He doesn't feel like this huge as mountain, while being played. {{champion:33}} Minor rework, but very minor. {{champion:35}} Minor rework, kit just feels kinda outdated. Especially the animations. {{champion:106}} Primarily his ult feels a little out of place. {{champion:77}} Either fulll complete whole new champ update, or a minor tweak, depending on what they want to the with the champ {{champion:56}} Large rework, imo. He feels kinda weird atm.
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