Starting to be little frustrating

Nowadays, i dont know what is happening with matching, but in almost every game there is one guy who dont know basics of the game and basically ruins everything. It happened to me like last 14 games out of 20.. Is just frustrating that those kind of ppl dont following anything, going on their own and feed, when u trying to tell them something they are ignoring and at the end their laner ending up with tons of kills and a lot in front of everyone else.. And that kind of guy always but ALWAYS end up vs gold++ guys.. Can you just start puting those kind off ppl in their own game where is all 10 of them? Or you gonna randomly droping them and destroying games? I also hate when I end up vs someone of them beacuse i know how i feel when i am with em.. Just my opinion.. Yea almost forgot, FIX JUNGER EXP, beacuse if u give up on farming for ganking and ur gank fail, u will end up a lot behind..
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