Smurfing at higher ELO

I've been increasingly bumping into smurfs in mid diamond at an increasing rate, (no official stats to back this up but it certainly feels like it has). Of-course you can tell a smurf down to their win rates and various other statistics. Back on topic, the issue it has been causing is increased amounts of toxicity as they have no immediate drive to win the game at hand. I'm not speaking for all smurfs in diamond, just the ones I have encountered as of late. They frankly have a nonchalant attitude towards the game, which is great! But sadly no regards for their team mates or anything else. I've had them ruin games at the flick of a switch. Down to silly factors, yet again as of most recent, a gromp steal level 1. Q.Q aside, is there anything Riot can do or show some clarity on this issue. Smurfing is a difficult topic, as you cannot out-right stop it and imposing systems to stop them seems like a waste of HR and time. But stating 'smurfs get matched against other smurfs' is irrelevant in this circumstance because they do not want to climb into higher queue times, who would want that? This sort of a feels like a rant about dynamic queue but I assure you it's not. It's just highlighting an issue that dynamic queue has brought to my games. To back up my stance, I actually enjoy dynamic queue, the role select is great despite the queue times, most games are actually more enjoyable and less toxic. The most recent addition to dynamic queue, the auto-fill has put a band-aid on the problem but I don't see is as an immediate fix. I think from a design point of view the system doesn't cater to the 0.1% which is completely understandable. You cater to the majority, but the problem with the 0.1% trickles downwards to the lower echelons of the ladder, skewering the competitiveness. All I'm asking for is at least an acknowledgement that there is in-fact an issue and any upcoming changes potentially for dynamic queue @ Higher elos. OR just Riot's perspective on the topic and potential ideas to solve it. Cheers.
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