Bad politics of Riot.

Hello there. So Riot finally told the truth we all knew. The truth : We do not respect 30milion of players who are playing 'YET', and we care only about huge amount of money comming from big events like Championships. Unfortunately Riot forgot one thing. WE ARE COMMUNITY OF THIS GAME, AND WE 'players' WATCH THOSE CHAMPIONSHIPS, AND WE ARE MAKING HYPE ON THIS EVENT. If You dont respect US, we will pay out for You with same attitude. League of Legends from 2016 become a parody of good game I used to play. We all know soloQ and teamhighelo competition are two different worlds, so why we regular players from soloQ have to suffer, because game is set up for 0,01% of players on the world? I am already sick of playing against Yasuo (good or bad) in every match, sick of playing against draven who makes 300 dmg per hit on 4 lvl, sick of playing against oneshot champions who abuses lethality and sick of playing a game where defense does not counter attack in ANY scale. Yes You will say Tanks op again. So go ahead, make a Nidalee tank and try to play. Not items make champ op. The truth is CERTAIN champions are OP and are TANKS in same moment. Building tank on Nidalee causes, she can survive one AA more. Concerning Nidalee. What happened to this champion? I dont get any point of her changes. You made her monster in JG and start to nerf her. Literally every next patch was nerf for Nidalee till the moment, where she is only a pick for certain players who have to be 10 times more skilled than any Kayn, Lee sin, Chogath, Nasus, Yi or any Assassin. Next problem with Nidalee : Even fed Nidalee is NOT ABLE to carry a game. She become same like old old Shaco in old tank meta from season 2. Only for certain people who know how, but even when fed, he wasnt able to do anything. I am over with league. Community is more toxic than Khazakhstan during WW2. The game itself is not fun anymore. All I feel playing this game is frustration and letharg. Also there was a time, when I was excited watching competition. Unfortunately the money again destroyed it. From passion to a money-sport, like some kind of inferior football.
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