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Luchador Themed Skins Review
Small Review comparing the new skins to other skins they already have for the Luchador Themed Skins. Cover El Rayo Volibear, El Leon Gnar and El Macho Mundo in this video. Social Media: https://twitter.com/skinspotlights https://www.facebook.com/Skinspotlights
Night guys, Well, I just saw SkinSpotlights video and I gotta say I enjoy it. However, there is something that I am not liking and that´s what I am going to talk about. People, unfortunately, dont judge skins well. A skin is like a costume, it changes the appearance of a champion, nothing else. That said, what really matters about a skin is if YOU like the model or not. A lot of people only care about the unnecessary and useless extras about the skins, particles and recall animations. YES, these extras make the skin better, I AGREE 100%, however sometimes its not needed. Let me explain. Some skins are a lot better with particle changes, mainly every single 1350Rp skin. All of these types of skins should deserve the changes simply because the theme of these skins change the champion entirely. However, in my opinion, not all 975Rp skins need particle changes, unless the theme demands it (pool party skins, etc) ___ My point is, while particle changes and recalls are a nice touch, it shouldnt be the deciding factor. A lot of people often come here and ask "which skin should I buy?", and every single person and their mother says "buy this one, it has a recall animation and particle changes". To that I say FCK YOU. You should buy the skin because of the appearance, not because it has a recall animation. I have seen countless of ~~ldiots ~~ people not buy the skin they love simply because it doesnt have a recall, or particle changes. Example that you can see in every single video from Skinspotlights: "MAN! that skin looks epic I WANT IT!!!! but it doesnt have a recall, so I wont buy it." That person (lets call him Bob), Bob just said he likes that skin, he is in love with it, he wants that skin, but he will not buy it because the skin doesnt have a recall animation, eventhough he is crazy about it. ___ I know everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I respect that, however, the fail logic I see from people is just flat out dumb sometimes. "This skin sucks, it doesnt have a recall animation! The model is fcking epic, and I like the splash art, but fck you rito, you lazy piece of sht, stop making chinese quality skins without recall animations. We want good quality and expensive skins. WE want expensive skins!" Man do these types of players get on my nerves for some reason... First of all, have you seen the HUGE imrpovement the 750Rp skins have shown? The models are outstanding and they look visually stunning, they look just as good as the 975Rp skins and even the Semi Legendaries, and all that with just the model. And its cheap too, less money, #NoRiperinoMyWallet-rino Look at EL Leon GNAR. look at the model, impressive right? Now lets go into detail. Does he need particles? No, the skin has red everywhere, the abilities look red-ish ; recall, uneeded. It would just make the skin cost more money for literally nothing. A recall adds nothing, at first you´ll look at it and enjoy it, but after a week or even less you´re going to ignore the recall cause you´ll be browsing through the shop buying items before you even finish recalling. ____________ Anyway, hate my thread, like my thread, do whatever you want to do with it. But hear this last message. If you ever want to buy a skin, if you ever doubt between one skin or another (for the same champion, or a different champion completely), look at the model of the skin (which one is cooler, which one is gnarly, which one is epic, which one looks lame, etc). The model is the main feature about the skin, not the recall nor the particles. I have seen myself buy more 750Rp skins simply because they LOOK better than the majority of the 975Rp skins. And I ended up saving more money in the process. Sometimes the better things turn up to be the most simple. ___ [Before we get a smartguy in here, this thread is talking about 750Rp skins, 975Rp skins and 1350Rp skins. Legendaries and Ultimates are on a completely different level]

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