What the %%%% just happened to my game?

I have a expensive monster gaming pc which is all up-to-date. Always playing smooth, perfect, on the highest settings. Never have any problems. Today I was playing Ranked and 5 mins in, the screen started to stutter like crazy so I had to restart. Two mins after restart, i got this message: https://i.imgur.com/iPbokaI.png my Internet connection was fine, no problems. I tried to reconnect it didn't work. So I jumped to the monster pc next to me who is from my partner, so I could continue playing. To be safe, I lowered the settings to prevent shit from happening. After 5 mins This error occured: https://i.imgur.com/H5gQjxy.jpg In the **middle** of a teamfight. I tried to restart client and this error popped up every 2-3 minutes. What the hell ? my game got totally ruined and my teammate flamed me for keep going AFK while I could do nothing about this

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