This game feels like wasted time now

This season, this game really feels like a waste of time. I generally have the lowest deaths on my team because I'm not an idiot and won't go into fights that I can barely win. But I am so tired of other lanes constantly feeding over and over again because towers are way too weak and many champions can abuse this when they are one kill ahead and tower dive. Its absolutely frustrating because the game makes you feel so powerless. Snowball is so much in this game and all the gold you get for random things (First Blood Tower - Which is almost ALWAYS going to be an AD champion because they have a natural advantage against turrets) is just compounding the problem with this game. Its not fun to stomp or be stomped, even games make for a more fun experience and I'm tired of losing games because it is way too easy to snowball. I'm also tired of winning games in 30 minutes because one person on our team has snowballed so far ahead. Do you not get this Riot, these kind of games without any reward for your investment are BORING. These quick games with no comebacks are BORING. As a result, League is becoming BORING and I'm sad about that.
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