Diamond master players are really bad.

Its just as title says..Their gameplay is awful and im plat..i play against them in flex all time and i win against them pretty easy..I did last game {{champion:41}} vs {{champion:10}} top and normaly she should win easy cuz is not a skiled champ +this person is master...But i win easy without effort...and this is not the only game that this happens..I played against diamonds 1 and the game was free win..and most of the time my team is plat-.This sistem is broken. But i dont get it how you get diamond 1 or master when you are so baaad.Your skils are awful and if i remember well i even carried this players...I read some posts that even plats carried this masters when they play with them.. I dunno why and i dont believe they all boosted..But it makes me think that this game is poor luck to climb or...boosted.Cuz if you are so bad as master player then..this game is just horrible..OR system need to be changed something cuz maybe is truth..To climb means to have luck only. But to give a good example is RedMercy the diamond 4 that stream and is diamond 4-3 but he cant go further and this guy plays from season 1(6 years). And this guy master from 2 years is already master...If is not luck i dunno what it is..And is not the only person seriously.{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}}
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