Bronze 5? Let me help.

Hi there, Let me make one thing clear before forum rage comes to this post... **I AM NOT OFFERING ELO BOOSTING**. Now that's done with, let me continue. My name's Wildcard, I'm not the greatest player at LoL, but I am a strong analyst and teacher. Previously I helped a friend of mine get from who was stuck in Bronze 5 to Gold 3 in the space of a couple of months, and whilst I cannot take full credit for his improvement, I'm pretty sure I contributed to it. I recently saw a few videos of people stuck in Bronze 5, and although it was supposed to be funny, I felt bad more than anything else. So I'd like to help if there's anyone interested in getting out of Bronze 5 and learning how and what to improve on, if there's anyone actually out there for this (which I would be surprised if there are). So, I urge anyone interested in improving to reply to this forum post. ------------------------------------------------------- **What I'm offering:** * Game reviewing with written analysis of your game play. * Assistance with improving your role(s) in solo queue. * Help understanding champions, counters, picks and bans. * Weekly reports on improvements and things you need to work on. * If necessary help with controlling anger, rage and flaming issues. * One to one training sessions and practice games. **What I ask of you:** * You must be Bronze 5. * You must be willing to accept any and all criticism. * You must be willing to record your games (OBS free game recorder is enough). * You must be serious about improving your game play. * You must be able to speak English fluently. * You must be on EUW. ---------------------------------------------------------- If anyone is interested please reply to this message with your summoner name, current rank standings and length of time stuck in Bronze 5. If there's anyone out there who wants to improve, this is my offer... if not, consider this my good deed for the community. Thanks. Wildcard.
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