Make the queue preference badge useful

What I'm suggesting is actually putting it to use. Solo preference players should be matched up with other solo preference players, while dynamic gets matched with other dynamics. Btw when I say matched with I mean IN THE SAME TEAM. I don't care about how the enemy team also has a premade because my team does. My problem is being with the premade in the first place. I just finished a game where I (a solo q preference) and a midlaner (another solo q preference) were matched with 3 premades. How is that ok? There are many problems with premades. First - They defend each other's mistakes, and back each other back when flaming. Neither of those are healthy behavior. Second - They are probably voice chatting. And if one them tilts, there a big chance that he will bring his teammate down causing him to also tilt. This is true because in my 4 years of playing league of legends. I have never carried a premade who was tilting that game, and a premade has never carried me when I was tilting, and I've never seen it happen with other premades either. Finally - and this one's obvious - they are just not as skilled as solo q players. Dynamic queue has only encouraged premades and increased their sizes and number, but there's no point in discussing that because Riot has made it clear that we are stuck with dynamic q. What they can do is at least tweak the queue to make solos more likely to be in a team with 5 solos. Yes, you'd get matched up with/against a premade team every now and then, but seeing a premade every game is seriously too much. The reason why I think the badges should be invovled is to avoid being matched up with a premade preference guy who just happened to be solo this one game.
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