Dear Newbies and Veterans of League, please read this

Greetings from a {{champion:16}} main stuck in Silver V for a couple of months. While being literally imprisoned in there, I would like to give you some advices to avoid the mistakes which I have actually seen for many, many games. I hope it helps someone to climb at least to Gold and that this information will be useful for you to improve as a person. **1. League is created as a friendly community.** Please write this sentence down on a note and stick it near your PC/Notebook so it'll always be near your eyes. To maintain this atmosphere and get more fun out of each game, you've got to be friendly. As a proverb goes, if you want to change the world, start with yourself. Wish your teammates a good game, do your best to show how much value teamwork has for you. Never flame any player for losing his lane or feeding; be sure that (literally) every player may improve and if you flame, he won't perform better. If someone starts flaming you, don't flame back; we all can make a mistake, after all. If it's necessary, go and stay with this player so he'll feel like at least someone from a team cares about his lane. This improves attitude a lot overall. {{champion:1}} {{champion:32}} _Look at Annie and Amumu. All he wanted is just to get a friend. And he enjoys having a friend. Don't we all, huh? :)_ **2. Your team is your power.** That's another sentence I recommend to stick nearby for necessary in-game situations. Do not make team decisioning in solo. This is the key to victory. Mostly (especially when playing as a support) you can't really carry the game on your own: you cannot solo Baron or Elder Dragon early on. You cannot rush 1v5 in a teamfight and win it if your team is super behind. That's just not possible without a team. Yes, you can influence team decisioning by pinging, chatting or making some gamechanging actions. I'd like to repeat, always motivate your team. They'll most likely follow positive and sportsmanlike player with an average KDA than the toxic player with great KDA. Because nobody actually liked to be blamed or flamed for a mistake, even if it was really made. {{champion:117}} _Many fanfics feature Lulu always wanting to be useful for her teammates. And it's not for fuss! If you have some problems with teamwork, I really recommend you to try playing Lulu support. She'll change your way you look on your team for sure! :)_ **3. Never (heard that? Never!) give up.** League of Legends isn't just a game of destroying enemy Nexus, it's a game of mistakes. Imagine that you motivate your team to surrender just because you think that you have a bad game which you'd like to end as soon as possible. Well… What if this game is somebody's promo game which decides whether he/she ascends into a higher rank or not. Do you think that mass surrender will make this player happy (especially if he/she works hard for a success and tries hard to comeback)? The answer will be obvious. Yes, you will be happy with early-ended game. But congratulations, dude. You just made the amount of toxicity in League grow a bit higher. Because next games the previously hard-working and positive player may become very toxic and angry, flaming everybody for his own and others' mistakes. You don't know the duration of this debuff you placed on that player, so please better avoid doing it. It'll return to you in form of a lot of positive and sportsmanlike people in whole community. {{champion:122}} _Re-read the lore of Darius. When Noxian commander ordered all troops to retreat, Darius executed him in a battlefield to motivate noxian forces to keep going. I don't really say he did everything right, but… well, noxian methods are noxian, after all. :D_ **4. If someone asks you to swap lanes with him, always agree to do it.** By this, you show how a player which you allow to go where he or she desired how important he really is to you in particular and the team in general. Also, this action will maximize the chance to win the game because usually a player takes a primary role which he wants (REALLY much!!!) to play. He gets a secondary role which he doesn't like, bleh, that happens. As a result, your action will motivate him to win even more because he'll feel that he gets the support he desires. You also might get honored from your generosity by a fellow teammate or even more than one! As an example, I would like to state my personal experience when I wanted to go Mid, but got a Jungle. I've asked our midlaner to swap positions, but he rudely refused to do so. As a result, I picked Teemo jungle. I've banned the pick he wanted (Talon), so he was forced to pick Azir. He flamed me a lot and asked others to report me. Furthermore, I stole First Blood from him with Flash+Blinding Dart. He started to flame me even more. But nobody just wanted to report me except him. As a result, we won the game with me having 7/1/1 KDA. Midlaner who flamed me for trollpicking and killstealing changed his mind right after he seen how much Teemo hurts enemies in teamfighting because of early gold advantage. Please insert Teemo laugh here :P {{champion:36}} _Usually, Mundo goes where he pleases… but is it always worth it?_ **5. Sacrificing your champion for the sake of team is always worth it!** Remember this fact. It usually allows to win many games. If you're playing support Soraka a fellow Zed ignores your pings for some reason, but the real trouble is coming to him and you are near, you may significantly warn him about a trouble by just rushing in and trying to play hopscotch with enemies, luring them away from Zed. Even if Soraka gets slain… Dead support is always better than dead carry. {{champion:89}} {{champion:103}} _Simply look at how much Leona protects Ahri from Darius in A New Dawn movie. It results of Ahri carrying the rest of the fight and wrecking Darius._ Never do like this Lucian or this Evelynn. I hope that these 5 facts were useful to improve your social skills while playing League. Cheers! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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