The game direction is crazy. This is going to nowhere.

Hello there. I have been playing this game since beta. I had better and worse moments, same like league does. I was watching all metas, all riot "balance" that is comming. Till now it was all +/- balanced. It mean, everything was possible to counterplay. OK, ALMOST everything... But now? Tell me please RED/YELLOW guys, why do league start to be a game without counterplays? These skills like Vi ult, Camillie ult etc is not kinda healthy to play. Syndras R, or Zed R, that are barely possible to survive. I am not even talking about About ADC situation, that ZED can is ulting him, and DO ONLY ONE autoattack, that results as died ADC. Syndra is doing over 1000 dmg only from her ulti, that may be survived only thank to zhonya or GA. Game start to be binary. You are winning, or you are not. Snowball is way too big in this game last days. I remember games when we were 0/11 in 20 min and we still could win this match. Now being 0/11 means, that enemy are controlling jungle and drakes (more snowball for them), first turret gives 400 gold (more snowball). Also the game lenght is a parody. There is no more late game. 9/10 games finish at 20-35 mins. There is no counterplay at all. Now its meta of metapicks. I know its stupid, but meta picks are way, WAY TOO STRONG in comparition to nonmeta picks. I know it sound stupid, and you will tell me, meta picks always were stronger, and because they are stronger, they are called meta picks... But now SOME champions are just OP. We are playing in league of OP picks. You play top vs Darius - OK, dont do any mistakes, play with 120 APM, shred him hard, wait for gank. He WQE you, ok stay under turret with half hp less wait for gank loosing farm. Even when darius is 0/4 at early, he will snowball in teamfights. ANYTHING like TRUEDMG just shoud not exist in this game. Irelia, Corky, Garen (villian), Darius etc, this true dmg should be replaced with DMG, that is possible to counter by armor. Second thing that I dont like a lot. You are playing vs Assassin or other huge damage dealer. You can stack tons of armor, but it has no point at all. You are always weak. You collect armor vs AD champion like Fiora, Irelia etc. This action slow down your build, make your dmg much much weaker and what? Nothing. There is so many ARMOR penetration in common items, that building armor is kinda waste of money. Better to build items that provide shields like malmotrius or stertak. I dont like it. Armor should stomp dmg dealers atleast a bit. While it isnt. Next thing. Damage supports. Another sick thing caused by "dynamic balance" to make games shorter, and better to watch (for some turnaments) It looks amazing, when teamfights last 3-6 seconds, and its so cool. Unfortunately more dynamic = less strategic. Pick to win was never so true like it is now. The reason of supports like brand, zyra, even ZED is simple. ADC is so squishy, that better to have dmg, than utility. The game looks like to use all skills and do more dmg than your enemy will do. Most of the time the win is only a matters of luck or pick. Skill has been replaced by picks. Lets look on assassins. What is the role of assassin? He should kill your ADC/enemy ADC and die or escape. How it looks in game? Assassin is usually carrying a game, not because he is so skilled or something. Assassins have just very difficult counterplay. There is no way, that Zed, Rengar or Talon will be not fed at all. Assassins should have reduced CD. There should be quick action with huge dmg, and stay back wait for cd. Not like now, that assassins are doing 2-3 rotations during one fight. WTH is this. I really dont like present CDs. Do you remember season 1-4 where champions where restricted by 10-20s cd for regular skills? It was strategic play. You had to observe, which skills has been used to e.g enter the TF as a katarina. Now most CC has cd not higher than 5s. Champions who were made as a TANK role, should not make ONESHOTS. What is this, that Nautilius, Maokai, Malphite and other champs like this are just oneshooting our Squishys with one rotation. Why? What is point of being a tank if your engage+rotation kills half a team. Tanks were suppose to be CROWD with CC, to engage or PROTECT our CARRY. What is definition of ADC or APC - ATTACK DAMAGE CARRY or ABILITY POWER CARRY. Those champions should carry, like in previous seasons. Why now most of the time we are being carry by Assassins or Bruisers or BRUISEROASSASSINOMONKEY (i dont mean wukong) that jumps without CDs, is hard to kill coz of stupid mobility, and deals dmg equal to some pure AD champions? Seriously, what happened to this game? Or maybe it is something wrong with me, and League is still awesome like it was before? @EDIT BRING BACK MY NIDALEE TO BE PLAYABLE ON TOP AGAIN!! YOU RUINED HER COMPLETELY. Regards. For bad grammar and just bad english I am sorry, in my school 20 years ago there was only russian and german.
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