Your nunu thoughts

Hey there! So I mained the old Nunu and was really eager to play him but eh. The new one seems to have a lot of problems. You feel like you're worthless because all of your skills seel to be. >So first of Q. Nice spell but high cd. Also range is bugged; if you go too close to a target the Q will just stuck in animation. >W is barely dealing any damage even when building a bit of AP. Chances of hitting anyone is 0. >E deals 0 dmg but is a rlly short ranged snare. Is okay. >Oh and the passive is nice for jungle clear. >And well, ult is ult. Now now. Nunus new jungle clear is extremely low. I usually went in the jungle camp with a loaded snowball and then went usualy SPAM EVERYTHING on them yet your waveclear and damage in general after your passive runs out is gone. You have nothing but long cds and lackluster abilities. >Q is fine. >P should be stronger/longer on jungle creeps >W is a funny gimmick but useless. CC duration of half a second or less, barely damage and you will maybe hit 10% of all Ws. >E is a nice spell but too predicatlbe. Infight it feels like it takes 5 seconds until it gets triggered and by then anyone just.. dashed away. >R is just R. I think 30% Winrate is talking for itself. {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}} So what do you think?
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