Remind me, why did people want URF back?

It's quite literally the worst gamemode ever, I'd rather play 3v3. Played 2 games to give it a chance, won lane in both games, but my teammates were feeding the living hell out of the enemies, and I kept getting 1shot without getting any chance to outplay. Cho literally presses R and deals 1.9k true damage to my 1.8k HP. The balance is way worse than normal Summoner's Rift balance, the feeders are also feeding way more, everyone is playing with their brains turned off, so really, what is it that people enjoy in URF? I legit haven't reported anyone for feeding in over a year now, but now I had to do it because of the frustration in URF. Oh, and teammates are completely antisocial here. Whenever we got a nice kill on lane and I emoted with the Lux thumbs up emote, nobody emoted back, meanwhile when I'm playing normal, they almost always do. Chat is also filled with random languages.
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