2 Randuin's. A sin, or a way out?

I sometimes build 2 {{item:3143}} VS mostly ad compositions because {{item:3068}} sucks hard, especially on ranged champions {{champion:67}} . I also sometimes get 2 {{item:3143}} if I already have {{item:3725}} {{item:3709}} . Am I a sinner? Should I pray to Faker now? Or is building {{item:3143}} a way out? I leave this here. {{champion:17}} If you are feeling sad, just imagine {{champion:92}} killing that bastard {{champion:17}} in 1 second with that animation cancel... EDIT: Yes I sometimes pick 2 {{item:3143}} on {{champion:67}} because I already have {{item:3031}} , {{item:3006}} , {{item:3153}} and {{item:3046}} . No {{item:3035}}. I (that's me, not you) find {{item:3035}} situational. EDIT #2: To all people telling me to get {{item:3075}} or {{item:3110}} : {{item:3110}} and {{item:3075}} are for champs that can get free hp ({{champion:75}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:31}}), or in some real situations. Getting 2nd randuins gives you MORE effective health vs physical, magical AND true damage. Only thing in {{item:3110}} 's side is that it's cheaper... But, my 2nd {{item:3143}} is usually last item.

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