Spear of Shojin should be melee only, or reverted to the old version.

I know you guys just added the item to the game and built it around bruisers which is fine, but now adcs can abuse it to be really powerful. I saw a varus build it and he was popping Ws all the time and breaking his passive stacks every 2-3 seconds which basically one shot people, he only had Guinsoo and spear of Shojin which makes me wonder why you even added this to the game. Essence reaver was already extremely op on Jax and Riven and now it's centered around bruisers which makes it even better for them. The nexus blitz spear of Shojin was a really good item and I don't know why you turned it into essence reaver. Riot's explanation for turning it into essence reaver is that Sterak's would make it obsolete in it's old version which makes no sense since the two items have very different passives.
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