Suggestions on Lux Changes

A lot of champions got multiple dashes so its very hard to hit someone with only one poking spell like Akali or zed its almost impossible to hit and its very slow when you cast it, everything what u need to counter her Q is moving, so in my opinion its should be faster or get a new better effect like stun so when u hit with your core ability the target can' t cast zhonyia or barrier like in Zoe's E but it should be shorter than this. She's Q was designed much time before runes and items giving movement speed its very hard to kill someone with zhonyia and heal or barrier and i hope it will get changed, because when u hit with your best ability you should be rewarded like zoe when she cast good E or syndra with stun you should be able to hit your combo without interruptions. Sorry for my english, I don't really know if its possible to read this.
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