Why irelia has to be reworked

Lifesteal +stun+ 75% tenta... olmost imposible to win vs her take 2 same skilled playrs and try lane her... none of champs counters her since she gets her trinity its gg wp 80% ranked games with irelia are win cus she tanky as brick wall she has omffggg dmg that makes her enemie {{item:3073}} +life steal and stuns with great jumps... yea you say focus her hard and after u killed her u just lose in teamfight cus rest of her team will show no mercy.... Team Riot its such a shame that you saying that champs are balanced.... most of new champs are imbalancing the game noone plays old champs like galio nunu and so on... why play them then they have lame spell kit we instead of normal champs picking op champs with godlike kits... champs needed to be reworked = illaoi, irelia, nunu( cus now its just free kill) do some vote what champs has to be reworked witch one are most op instead of doing championships..... {{champion:31}} GG WP bronze hell will live forever!!!!!!
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