I tested something with Yasuo.

I decided that I want to learn to play Yasuo, since I want to learn every champion viable in the toplane. I also decided that while playing Yasuo I would be extremely kind and gentle towards my team. I wanted to test if it's true that people flame Yasuo players for no reason. In one match I was flamed from the champion select, without any reason. I replied calmly and kindly that I did not do anything wrong, and that I am trying to learn a new champion. During all the match (I lost 2/4 against a really good Ahri) I was flamed with things like: "Typical Yasuo", "Yasuo OTPs last match went 2/12" ecc ecc. I never replied with anything toxic and I tried to reason with him. Nothing worked, he was just mad at me because I was playing Yasuo. What is the difference between a Yasuo OTP that goes 2/12 and a player with another champion that goes 2/12? I don't see one, to be honest. In another match my teammates just banned Yasuo (I declared I wanted to play him) to stop me from playing him. I will not deny that I have met a lot of people really toxic while playing Yasuo, but at the same time I am starting to understand the frustration that they must feel everytime they get flamed because they like a champion. This is pretty sad, to be honest.
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