Don't give up, don't surrender!

I have been spectating some lower div's and I figured that most of them just throw games and surrender at the early stage of the game... You should consider that some champions just aren't meant for the early game and that you can be much stronger in the late game when you get a few essential items. Everyone makes mistakes, there isn't a game without a mistake so that can happen as well to your opponents and that's why you shouldn't surrender. Yes, some games become very boring to play, but if you're playing a ranked game and if you really care about your teammates and about your division, play it. In some cases, a player in your team is negative and refusing to help you or anyone. Stay positive and try to prove to him that there is still a chance to win, do the objectives, sometimes the enemy gets greedy and just goes for the kills and forgets the objectives (at least in these lower leagues I saw). If someone is flaming, just mute him and report him after the game, if he starts to troll, there is a report for that as well. The new report system is great and you can cover everything that isn't good Feeding is usually when you're not focused on the game but on something else. Someone wants to get to a higher division even he's not really in the mood to play, but I recommend not to play. League won't runaway anywhere as well as your rank, you have time to play (unless you're plat+ where you can lose LP if you're inactive) Hopefully I covered every problem and, remember, I just wanted to help these guys. No hates, GL & HF {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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