I managed to sneak into Platinum 3 at the last day of ranked. Here are some tips for Season 10 climb

**1. /Mute all (including pings) & learn when to unmute ** In every single climbing guide, this tip is included. Not only this allows you to focus on the game and reduce potential toxicity and tilt, it also forces you to look at the minimap consistently to watch for ganks or look for gank opportunities if you are the jungler. The biggest difference between Plat and Gold players are their map awareness and proactiveness. Muting is a great way to improve in these categories. *Once you've improved your map awareness, try to unmute and play with pings once again. This gives you a surge of improvement, as not only you are now much more aware of things, you can also allow others to communicate with you more easily. **2. Make plays & only play carry champions** I have mainly played 4 champions this season: Kha'zix, Master Yi, Evelynn and Hecarim. This WILL CHANGE in the next season, but my point still stands. Climbing while only playing Soraka/Janna is not going to improve yourself, let alone climb in the first place. By the time you have reached Mid-gold elo you should have the mentality that "I can carry a game" and not "I will let someone carry the game". Of course, knowing 'how to be carried' is another skill by itself, but you can learn it when you're auto-filled. **3. Take risks, necessary ones and (potentially) beneficial ones **In Silver, everyone takes unnecessary risks and not take risks when necessary. In Gold, some people will always take risks while some never do. Plat players are more calculated with their aggression, but they are far from perfect (including me, obviously). My point is: when your team is extremely behind and you have a chance to steal the baron, GO FOR IT. Who cares if it doesn't work, the game is over if the enemy secures it, you may as well try for a miracle rather than have no chance at all. When you have an opening for a risky but huge play, go for it. If you're afraid of being flamed or have a terrible KDA, then there's no way that you will climb. **4. Use ARAM to practice your team fighting skills & learn more about the other roles** This is an underrated one but Pro LPL players like Rookie have used this to practice. ARAM forces you to work as a 5 man squad against another 5 man squad with minimal farming, which means every player has a specific objective that they need to accomplish in order to win the teamfight and the game. Since you are put on random champions, you step out of your comfort zone. For example, If you're an ADC main and you're using Lee Sin, then DPS is no longer an option for you. If you're a Lee sin main and you're playing Xayah, then playmaking and engaging is not the job for you. If you can learn what is the role of a Jungler/Top/Mid/Bot/Support, then you can recognize win conditions & gameplans way easier than before. **5. *Not available for everyone* Play in another region** This is an interesting one that I found after moving from NA to EUW. Every region has a different playstyle, and changing between them is a good way to climb. I am not completely sure why this is, but I was hard stuck silver in the U.S until I moved to EU. If you have the opportunity to play in another region, give it a try. This has certainly helped me to climb, but I am not sure if it will work for everyone.
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