ARSR is a disappointment

Dear Riot, I know a lot of people say they don't care about your featured game modes, but really there are actually a handful of people out there who actually enjoy playing your featured game modes from time to time.I have to say I'm really impressed with some of them and have a lot of fun playing them while having a laugh with my friends. It's like a break from all the toxicity and competitiveness from ranked which I thank you for. But the recent one ARSR looked pretty cool, but then I read the description and it didn't tell me much then I played the actual game and then realised it was a cheap re-skin of ARAM except on Summoners rift. I have to say I'm pretty disappointed with this. I know that it may be hard with all the stress on your shoulders, releasing Xayah and Rakan, getting a bunch of patches done doing re-works, I can't imagine the stress you are undergoing right now. But seriously ARSR? That was completely zero effort I could make a custom game like that and play with friends. Don't just throw some random game mode out to fill in the week. Please try and make a unique twist to it, something which will add something new, like URF spam your abilities, Nexus Seige, use abilities on towers etc. But ARSR it's got nothing. I'm sorry to sound so disrespectful and rude but it's really got nothing to it, and that's why it's a disappointment. I would rather wait an extra day or to for a cooler more unique game mode than this. I feel really disappointed about this game mode. I hate to say it but there was really a lack of effort to come up with this game mode and I **know** that you guys can do better than that, look at Nexus siege or One for all that's the kind of buzz and twist we the league community want! If you have any thoughts you would like to share happy to here them :)
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